Corrupt GeoGebra file

Raymond Summit shared this question 5 months ago

I have spent some time creating a GeoGebra file (attached) that I cannot open. Something has gone wrong when I saved it. Is there a way of fixing the file?

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I have open your file in Classic GGB 6.0.609 (problem, not works)

I have open your file in GGB 5.0.509 (no problem works)

Then I save the file (local).

Then I open in Classic 6.0.509 (works)


try to open the attached File in your Environment (I thinks it's will works)


Thank you so much, Noel and Rami, for taking the time to reply to my problem.

I was able to open my original file in GGB 5.0 as you both did, but not 6.0 as you said Rami. I can open your "B" version, Rami, in GoeGebra 6.0.483.0-win. I also had trouble uploading my original file to my resources in GeoGebra online, but I can do so with the "B" version. I will make it public once I finish it off. Not sure what happened with my original file, which I created it in the GeoGebra 6.0 app.

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