Copy visual style - select a group of objects to paste

Grobe shared this idea 9 years ago


Sometime I do have a numbers og points that should have the same style.

There may be a more efficient way to achieve this, but I prefer the Copy visual style button.

This is a classic scenario for me. Point A is alone (not close to other points). So I make A red or give it another symbol.

Points B, C and D is located close to each other, but not so close to A. So I do CVS* to A, and then I subsequently click on the other points.

But what about instead of doing the subsequential clicking, rather being able to use left mouse button an just draw a rectangle around B C and D, and they all gets the same style as A.


* CVS = Copy Visual Style

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In the next 4.0 beta release you will be able to select objects with the selection rectangle before selecting the CVS tool

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