Coordinates in saved ggb-file differ from ones in Panel uf Objects

Sam777e shared this problem 7 months ago
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My native language is Russian, the letter was translated by

Hello, dear staff of the GeoGebra Institute!

You have made great elegant programs!

Please accept my sincere admiration,congratulations and thanks!

1. I recently created a file in GeoGebra-Classic, thenI extracted geogebra.xml from a saved GGB file and started to expore it. I sawan amazing oddity. On the monitor in the session with GeoGebra, point H hassome coordinates, and in geogebra.xml they arecompletely different. The problem is only with this point among all the[visible] points. I opened this file with different versions [4.2, 4.6, 5.0]and again on the monitor I saw CORRECT COORDINATES.

I don’t know how to fix the situation, but it really hinders me in my studies [I am 73 years oldand I just love solving mathematical problems]. And Idon’t know - maybe other data in my other geogebra.xml files is also incorrect.

It is possible that there are viruses on my computer,and this is the result of their work.

2. A small suggestion, possiblyimproving the pedagogical and presentation function of the system [and yes, ofcourse, I know about animation].


Suppose I connect two points by a segment.

It would be nice if there was such a Playback ofdrawing construction commands that would show not only the process ofconstructing the segment itself [selecting the "Segment" tool fromthe corresponding menu, clicking on the first point, clicking on the secondpoint - and now, a segment instantly appeared], but also his [segment] slow appearance. In this version of the view, the“creation" of a segment is better and more understandable. Now I can do itapproximately, but in an indirect andinconvenient way: make a segment from the first point to the auxiliary pointand, then, arrange the animation of the movement of the auxiliary point fromthe first point to the second.


I'm not at all sure about the absence ofviruses on my computer - so be careful with my GGB file!

Good luck!

Sam Vodovoz

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In the XML the points are stored as

(so the "real" coordinates are (x/z, y/z))


Thank you very much, you have resolved my "problem" and helped me a lot.

From pure curiosity: in which cases does the system assign to z a value not equal to 1.0?

And further.

I am new to this forum. Questions:

1. How can I edit my topic? For example, I have a typo in the text "Subject", instead of "of" - "uf", how can I fix this?

2. How do you estimate my proposal from the 2nd part of the initial topic? Maybe it's need to extract it in a separate topic? Who should do this - me or a moderator?


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