Coordinate function "x(...)" behaves inconsistently and unreliable across lists

Alexander Perl shared this problem 4 years ago
Not a Problem

The in-built function "x(...)" for extracting the x-coordinates of points behaves very inconsistently and erroneous across the program, depending on whether you use it in Algebra or CAS, and depending on whether you create the list inline or via a seperate object.

In the following screenshot, the three objects "obj1", "obj2" and "obj3" should all be equivalent, but they absolutely aren't. Only "obj1" (defined in Algebra) gives the expected result, while "obj2" and "obj3" (defined in CAS) are not only wrong, but absolutely unintelligible:66eab1f633b1e9c7106aec4399fe0e77

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Sorry, x(list) isn't supported in the CAS View

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