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Marcos Vinícius Tinoco shared this question 3 years ago

Boa noite, eu tenho um problema: Eu gostaria de que as coordenadas polares tivessem como referência o eixo y e o sentido horário. Como eu poderia fazer isso?

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Sorry, that's not possible directly.

Maybe you can set up some dynamic texts to fake it


To create a point with polar coordinates clockwise starting at 12:00 write:

(<length>; -(<angle>)+90°)

GGB-internal this is saved alway in cartesian

The above notation can be useful when creating a clock with a dial and hands.

The representation (in context of the label) is depending on properties Algebra/Coordinates and is always relative to (0,0)

or alternative (when the definition is like above with polar-coordinates) using label style caption and %n=%f (but: only symbol names are shown, no values)

It's possible to write your own caption with an Execute() in onUpdate of the point. It's not easy but you can do what you want. Attached a sample. What I wondering: is there a meaningful using for this attachment?

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