Converting an App to a Worksheet without changing link?

cemccourseware shared this question 1 year ago

Is it possible to convert a geogebra app to a worksheet without changing the geogebra link? We have 200+ apps on geogebra, and we would like to make them into worksheets so we direct users to our free courseware, but we don't really want to change the links, as each one is already imbedded in several places.

If this isn't possible, could we create a worksheet that imbedded an existing geogebra app? That way, we could make all our app links "shared with link", and make the worksheets public, and only maintain a single copy of each app.

Essentially, we are looking for a way to direct users who like our apps to our free courseware. Any thoughts on how we might do this would be appreciated.

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Sorry for the delay in answering, but we were all busy at the GeoGebra Gathering.

I'm looping your question to the Materials Team


Can you please give us an example (link), which you have embedded somewhere else?

In general, when you save something you have created in one of the GeoGebra apps, it gets saved on the website as an activity (=worksheet).

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