Construction Protocol: Line with given length

andesan shared this problem 7 years ago

Toolbar icon and definition in the Construction Protocol is not as good as it should be. When I use the Segment with given length tool (length 2), I get the following Construction Protocol. (See attached screen dump, line 1-4).

Then, have a look at line 5 and 6 in the Construction Protocol from drawing a circle with radius 3. I think this is nice, and that the protocol should handle the segment with given length in a similar way.

GeoGebra (28 March 2014)

Java: 1.7.0_40

Windows 7, 64 bitddc64e17ad3acaaa4e3313711b08df0d

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That's expected, Segment[A,2] is just a shortcut for 2 other commands


Of course, but the pupils use the construction protocol for documentation purposes at their exams. The protocol should reflect the actual commands used. Is it posible to change this?

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