construct a list from a slider?

Mads Frederik Toft shared this question 3 years ago

I have been working on this construction here of unit a circle.

What I would like to be able to do is to use the slider V to create a list of sine vaues? So that value y(B') is add to list when the slider is dragged, until V reaches 360 degree.

Is that possible?

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create the list? better to calculate the needed values, I think

see the attached and comment if necessary

Files: foro.ggb

Nice solution, mathmagic! You are always faster than me :)

I'd suggest @Mads to fix the circle and point B=(1,0), so the construction can't be altered by unwanted dragging.


les solutions proposées par mathmagic sont toujours magiques .

La construction d'une liste reste cependant possible .

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