Conic standard form and Coefficients[] command

Simona Riva shared this idea 8 years ago

If you create a conic in input bar, a right click on it in Algebra view allows you to choose how to display its equation. One of the choices is

Equation ax^2 + bxy +cy^2 + dx + ey =f

The problem is when you use the Coefficients command, that displays the coefficients of the conic, using the form

ax^2 + by^2 + c +dxy + ex + fy = 0

It's not very intuitive to work with two different standard forms, especially because you cannot compare at a glance the equation and its coefficients.

Dear Sirs,

I'm here asking to consider the option to match the two forms used in display and in the Coefficients command.

Yours gratefully


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Sorry, we can't change either without breaking something :(

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