Condition To Show Object Box did not prompt keyboard to come up in Tablet

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I had students working on a tablet. And I sent them a premade Applet with checkboxes. I wanted them to make things and then attribute the different diagrams to the different checkboxes by putting the checkboxes name into the "Condition To Show Object" box of the parts in each diagram.

When the kids (using IPads) went to the object's Condition to Show Object box - the keyboard of the Tablet did not come up and as a result they could not type in the letter that would have allowed them to complete the assignment.

Any thoughts on why this happened or what I can do to make it so it doesn't keep happening.



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It happens to me with the inputboxes too, so students using iPad cannot do their work.

For example, here:

Is there anything we can do to solve it?


I see :) with my iPad 4 the keyboard doesn't pop up when I place the cursor in the input box, but reading the first post it seems that this issue is related to the tablet app, rather than to the new material platform.

Looped to the team, thank you.


Thanks to you, Simona Riva, you are always so kind.

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