Complex Variable functions

m_flashman shared this question 3 years ago

Though the current version 5 has complex numbers as geometric objects and core functions such as sine and ln that operate on these objects as complex variable functions, the function definition process does not create a function that operates on complex numbers.

Is there some plan to develop function definition that results in complex variable functions?

See my presentation: "Mapping Diagrams for Complex Variable Functions Visualized Dynamically with GeoGebra" ICTCM 2016 March 12, 2016, Atlanta, GA.

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Having complex functions would be great but it's not in our short term plan.

However you can find some ways to visualize them, see the recent topics

(English version would be Sequence[Curve[cos(s + ί t), s, -10, 10], t, -10, 10,0.2] )


Please look at the links I have given.

These give a visualization of

complex functions that would be much easier to implement if complex

function definition was available comparable to real function


It seems to me all this would take is allowing the function

definition to recognize/distinguish real from complex arguments for the

functions. This already seems to be done for predefined elementary

functions like sine and ln.

Maybe it should be in your short term plan.

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