Complex function

Beatriz Rubio Serrano shared this question 4 years ago

I wish to be able to plot the function,

f(t)= sin(t)+(1-3i)cos(t)

But it is impossible, because geobebra said (something like this) "Invalid function. You must write one explicit in x"

Do know anybody how I must write this sentence?

A lot of thanks.

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GG maneja funciones de R en R no en C

puedes usar a = Curve(sin(t) + cos(t), -3cos(t), t, 0, 2π)

luego si te es necesario puedes escribir a(1) u otro valor para conseguir un punto que puedes pasar a forma compleja


Hi, not possible at the moment but you can try at

Also you can define complex functions in the CAS (both stable version and beta), but they won't be plotted.

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