como digitar P=(-3 , 5) e Q=(x_v , y_v) no latex do Geogebr

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1) como digitar o ponto P=(-3 , 5) na fórmula latéx do Geogebra.

2) Tenho já calculado x_v = 2 e y_v = -1 e não consigo digitar estes valores na forma V = (x_v , y_v) na fórmula latex do geogebra.

Quem puder me ajudar, desde já agradeço.


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I answer in English because I do not know your language, but Google Translate will surely help.

1. Once you typed in the input bar P=(-3,5) the easiest way to obtain a LaTeX text is clicking on the point in Algebra View, then dragging it in Graphics View.

2. Here you can use two different options, depending on what you need: if you just want the text V = (x_v , y_v) select the Text tool, then type exactly V = (x_v , y_v) and check the LaTeX formula option before pressing the OK button, or

if you want the text for V have the values of x_v and y_v displayed dynamically, e.g. V=(2,-1), that can change on screen when you move the point, select the Text tool, then

a) type V= (

b) click on the Objects drop down list, then select x_v from the list

c) type , click on the Objects drop down list, then select y_v from the list

d) type )

e) press OK button

I enclose a file. Right click on the texts, then select Properties... from the appearing context menu to see how they've been created.


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