Command to drag a object that I drag with the mouse?

Jorge Oviedo shared this question 4 years ago

If we move the "A" point to the orange circle (keeping the click pressed, never letting go), I have created a command that detects that point is in the orange region and what it does next is to change the Coordinates from point "A" to (0,0), but that point never ceases to be "controlled" by the movement I make with the cursor, since, as long as I do not release the click, the point does not stop "following me". But what I need is that when the "A" point is in the orange region, in addition to moving to (0,0), it is no longer controlled by the cursor, even if it is still pressed and that it is necessary to return To point "A" again and drag it again. That is to say, that the control of the point "A" is canceled by means of the cursor and that it is necessary to click again on the point to move it. I share a link to the construction of the example image to observe what happens and that I would like to change:

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with a boolean ?



same but with on clic script in A

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