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Simona Riva shared this question 10 years ago

Are CAS commands localized into file as well as ggb commands?

I mean, into Maxima or Mathpiper an Italian user needs to write Limite[] or has to use the English "Limit" syntax?

Because the file contains some xxxCASSyntax items I'm unsure whether translating only the "object" involved in the syntax or the command itself, too.

example: DenominatorSyntaxCAS is Denominator[ <Expression> ]

in Italian is it Denominatore[ <Espressione> ] or Denominator[ <Espressione> ] ?

Thanks Kondr, prepare a huge cup of chamomile tea because this is only the first question of a long list...




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Hi. A lot of commands work both in CAS and input bar. In that case there are three keys:


DenominatorSyntax=Denominatore[ <Funzione> ]

DenominatorSyntaxCAS=Denominatore[ <Espresion> ]

Note that all three command names on the right side must be the same.

One of *SyntaxCAS and *Syntax might be missing -- that means that the command is not available in CAS or that it works in CAS only.

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