command for converting y = a*x+b

Mads Frederik Toft shared this question 3 years ago

Is there a text command in non-CAS mode where I can force Geogebra 5/6 to always display a line equation in the form y = a*x+b?

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You can set this in the global preferences for the object line:

GeoGebra Classic 5: in the menu bar, select Options -> Advanced

A panel opens. Select the Preferences-Default icon (fourth from left) to open the related tab.

Select Line in the list of GeoGebra objects displayed on the left. On the right side of the panel, select the Algebra tab, then choose your preferred way to display the equation of a line.

You might want to apply the settings to the currently selected objects: if so, select the Apply to selected object button (bottom of the right panel).

Close the Preferences panel.

In the top menu bar, select Options->Save settings to have this setting saved for all your next GeoGebra activities.

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