Classrom: How to show more than the first two lines in answers

Hr. Schaefer shared this problem 2 years ago

Dear Geogebra-Team,

thanks a lot for the tremendous work you've done with Geogebra Classrom.

I'm struggling with using "Open Question" as Question type.

When students write more than two lines into the input field, I'm not able to see all of their text when clicking on them (and looking on the view which is called "Preview" I guess).

Accidentally I found a workound: After typing the "Tab" key when the cursor is in the text field, the field gets higher and one is able to read all of the text.

But I think there should be a better option than this workaround. My vote would be, that by default all of the text is shown, reagardless how long it is.

Thanks you again!


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