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thornbirdo shared this question 5 years ago

I had used classic 6 for short time after successful set-up.

But , a few days ago, I had an error after executing my ggb file.

So, I erased classic6 , and tried to set it up again. but no way.

How could I set it up again.


I changed classic5. I think it is more stable,,,

but some documents are not useful...

for example..

This must be classic 6..

In classic5 , where are the menu icon?

ps. I hope to use geogebra for k-7 below grades, Where could I find those exemples easily?

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In this page scroll down and have a look at the Tutorials for Classic version 5.

In classic 5 all the tools icons are displayed on the top bar, and the menu bar is textual, so you can see the usual File, Edit, View, etc items. Click on each of them to view the available options.

The Stylebar for each object you've created is automatically displayed in Graphic View.


Our Materials platform contains a huge collection of resources for all school ages.

Use the Search bar to find the materials that are suitable for you and your students.

Try e.g. this


Thanks all, and I think I might solve the set-up error.

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