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I found Geogebra's angle unit setting to be confusing (Geogebra 5). There is nothing in the preferences window which indicates exactly what is affected by the angle unit setting. I only just found out that the setting is for graphing only. Imagine yourself as someone coming from using a calculator, where the angle unit setting affects everything. And when moving to Geogebra, the same setting only affects graphing. Now imagine the confusion that this can cause when you are learning to use trig functions for the first time, such as sin(), cos(), tan(), where it isn't clear whether the problem is a lack of understanding of those functions, a bug in the software (since the angle unit setting indicates degrees), or something else.

A simple way to clarify this without changing any underlying functionality would be adding separate sections and a note to the preferences section for angle units. Such as this:

Angle Unit

Graphing: []degrees []radians

Numeric values: The angle unit setting affects graphing of angles only. By default numeric angles are assumed to be in radians, regardless of the graphing setting for angle unit. To enter numeric angle values in degrees, follow the number by the degree symbol.


Alternatively but more involved would be to add a separate setting for the angle unit of numeric values under the same section in preferences, like this:

Angle Unit

Graphing: []degrees []radians

Numeric values: []degrees []radians

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the angle unit º is a constant º=pi/180; so GG use only numbers

this let to use radian and degrees in same worksheet. please, do not change this.

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