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Hans-Jürgen Elschenbroich shared this problem 5 months ago
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It seems, that it is a difference between orientation of the circle between GeoGebra 5 and GeoGebra 6.

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I see this. I've addressed your question to the Team.

How to reproduce the issue:

Select Integralkurve,integralfunktion checkbox

then select

Fahrradlenker Bild checkbox.

v.5 and v.6 display different angles.


E and F are swapped (due to the CAS loading)

Try this instead:

F = Intersect(g, tangente, 1)
Alternatively, try hand-coding P(x) rather then using the Integral() command


Hi Michael.

> E and F are swapped (due to the CAS loading)

Yes. Swapping points is a problem of (dis-)continuity.

But in this case also a problem of a different treatment of the same construction in GGB5 ans GGB6 !

I don't believe, that it is a problem of CAS.

I think the problem is: I constructed with GGB5 and the webversion worked like GGB6.

See the screenshots in the attachement. The place of E and F swapped.

I found a way to avoid the problem. Using semicircle instead of the circle, I got a construction which works in the same way in GGB5 and GGB6 and HTML-Web (not in the attachement).



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