Circle Geometry/Multiple Connections At Once

Maddhatter088 shared this idea 8 years ago

They've already got star generators on, but they only go up to 50, and they only show one set of intervals, when there should be the option to show multiple sets of intervals, maybe even check boxes to only show certain sets of intervals, and I'm not sure if you're able to set the color, also they're only shown in line segments, when they should give you the option for continuous lines, line segments, the option to show, and alter the color of both, and, to be able to change the color based on interval, so if they're 3 points apart they're blue and if they're 4 points apart they're brown?

Also, Is there a way to connect lines and line segments between multiple points at the same time, say selecting 9 points on a circle and the program drawing lines, or line segments, between each one?

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Hi Dave

I'm not sure to understand all correct.

Maybe you think something like this:

Your question in a narrow sense only need the object "Diag".

The most (and complex) objects handle the automatic colors (red objects)

For this also 3 macros are included.



I think your post is a question how to use GGB, then this is the wrong Forum. Better you use


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