CheckBox GG-script runs when you hit F9 (expected behaviour?)

cfleitas shared this question 2 years ago

If you have a CheckBox with an On Update Geogebra script and you hit F9 key in order to recalculate random variables present in your program you will note On Update's script is executed each time you press F9.

In my file I can avoid this using Unique command, but I would like to know if this is an expected behaviour or not. Thanks!

(Geogebra Classic v. 6.0.637.0-offline)

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On Update significa al ser recalculado, no al cambiar de valor, así que supongo que es un comportamiento esperado y que si quieres que se ejecute al cambiar de valor debes controlarlo de alguna otra manera


Thank you for your fast answer.

I know how to workaround this situation in my file and I know On Click (not available on all objects) and On Update are not the same. No problem with that.

I made some other experiments with a button with On Update scripts and I realized that On Update button scripts run always I hit F9 or I execute UpadateConstruction().

Annoying for me, but I guess this is an expected behaviour.

That means UpdateContruction() or F9 run all On Update scripts?



I think so

but I am not a developer. Perhaps Michael gives better answer

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