Checkbox does not work in Chrome

Ng Yew Hong shared this question 1 year ago
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I tested this in Chrome and Firefox. In Chrome, the Checkbox is not clickable, except in the Algebra panel. However, clicking it on the Algebra panel does not change the boolean value.

It works correctly in Firefox.

I must say that I remember it working in the past in Chrome.

Attached a screenshot from Chrome where clearly the boolean value should be false.

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I'd like to amend this. I found that in fact, it has nothing to do with Chrome or Firefox. The checkboxes do not work in the window that it was created in. When I save and open it in a new window/tab, it will work. I had thought it was browser related as after creating in Chrome, it does not work, but I saved and opened the same file in Firefox, and it worked there. When I created another checkbox in the same file in Firefox, the second checkbox does not work. I then saved the file in Firefox, opened a new window in Chrome and loaded the file, and now both checkboxes work.


Seems OK to me here

What are the exact steps to make it happen?

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