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abd shared this question 1 year ago

if you create acheckbox next to c2H5O+ to appear or hide this text , then save it , then close the program , then reopen it . the checkbox is disappear , what is wrong in that checkbox?

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I think it's a GGB-Bug:

  • when open the file then c_2 exist as Number
  • then create a new Bolean with tool: ggb chose the (wrong!!) name -> c_2
  • in this time exist the name "c_2" 2 time: as Number and as Bolean
  • after Save and Open one of the double object is deleted

Workaround (maybe!!):

rename the names manually for example:

all bolean names rename to b_{001} ... b_{999}

and also rename other objects with a lot index in the name


thanks .you alot ......

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