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GerryStahl shared this idea 9 years ago

GeoGebraBooks are great. I just wrote a page about them on the GeoGebra wiki help pages.

This is a feature request for GeoGebraBooks:

Could you add a Description textbox for each chapter in a GeoGebraBook?

It would be nice to be able to have some introductory text for a chapter. If you include it all in the Description for the first material, that does not leave much room for the GeoGebra panel.

Then in the display of a chapter in the GeoGebraBook you would need to display the text alongside the chapter table of contents.

This seems like a relatively easy addition to the GeoGebraBook edit and display interfaces.

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or a picture where I can add text on it.


What is a GeoGebraBook?

I did a search on the wiki for this term. Nada. Zip.


I know. There does not seem to be any documentation at all about it.

Just go to GeoGebraTube. There are different categories of objects you can search for.

GeoGebraBooks are one category.

Open one up and see how it is organized.

Then try to create your own GeoGebraBook.

First you need to create some regular GGB files.

As you create or edit each, you have an option to

add it to a GeoGebraBook or to create a new

GeoGebraBook to add it too. Try it out.

You can always delete it when done experimenting.


One exemple

The Wiki is about functions inside of GeoGebra. Do you know the old collections of GeoGebra-Files? They became GeoGebraBook and have a new look an more features.

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