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Changing the font in the Algebra view?

Alasdair shared this question 1 week ago

In the Algebra View of Classic 6, the font used looks to be Helvetica: or if not Helvetica, then some other standard sans-serif font. This is not a good choice, as for example a lowercase "l" is indistinguishable from an uppercase "I". (That's L and i for reference). A list is automatically given a variable name beginning with a lowercase L, and indeed all variable names default to lower case letters. How can I either:

  • change the default font used in the Algebra view?
  • force GeoGebra to use upper case letters in its variable names?

I don't think that a symbol should be unclear or hard to determine, but this is the case with GeoGebra's current font, and naming conventions.


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No, the font cannot be changed to my knowledge.

I have also stumbled over the letters "upperCase i" and "lowerCase l" several times and wants to change the font in all places in GGB.

If I remember correctly, the lack of special characters in many fonts was mentioned in this context.


Thanks, rami. I guessed as much, but you've confirmed it. Well, that's a considerable design flaw, I think. (Along with may other strange behaviours and lack of obvious functionality.)

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