Changing applet affecting copied applet?

josipk shared this question 2 years ago


I have a question, and it seems I can't find the answer on the forum (doesn't mean there is not one).

So, I have copied an applet from my account to another account, and on the copied version it says I am the author. I edited an applet on my account and expected it to be edited automatically on that other account too. But it is not... So....can it be done easily without changing the applet on that other account too?

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A copy of an activity is an independent copy of an activity in the state it was at that moment. The mentioning of your name just states that it's a copy and who's the author of the original.

When you put an activity of another author in a book, then it will be changed as well when the original is updated. So the solution is: put the original in a book in the other account.



Thank you very much for your response! I actually thought that is a solution, but wanted to confirm

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