Change radians to degrees in Cas

dibb shared this question 5 years ago
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hi forum

have to change radians to degrees in Cas

this is what it looks like (see attach file)

as you can see I have tried to convert it to degrees, but with the negative result.

the right output should be 33,69 (degrees)

I have even change the radians to degrees in advanced settings, but eventually, it doesn't work in cas

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why atand((-1) / 2) - atand((-7) / 4) does not work in CAS as I hope?


Quite weird, atand seems to be working with particular values, e.g. \pm 1, \pm sqrt(3)/3, \pm sqrt(3) etc, and their sums/subtractions, but it doesn't work with other angles.

Maybe it's worth telling the devs ;) I'm forwarding this to the Team.


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