CellRange in CAS-View

HopfenUndMalz shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

CellRange does not work stable in CAS-View. Sometimes it does, sometimes not.

An example with "not" is attached, version 5.0.226 - it seems that A1 is substituted too early with the value in the table.

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Sorry CellRange[ ] isn't supported in the CAS View and is unlikely to be added (it will give ? from the next release)

You can use it in the Input Bar and then use the result in the CAS View


Thank you for the reply. I am sure you have good reasons for this decision.

For my own way of solving problems with Geogebra this is a little drawback as I tend to try to formulate the whole process of solving inside CAS (coming from Maxima and using Mathematica professionally). This - for me - has the advantage of only having to study the CAS "script" to understand a notebook without looking for other dependencies, starting with the input data and consecutively solving for the results. So a natural step would be to gather the data from a table with a CAS-Statement (with CellRange). The Algebra View for me is somewhat like a debugging aid, giving a live view of the values of my objects.

*Edit*: after some thinking. The situation is analogous to named ranges in Excel which are somewhat hidden too. I think I can live with that with a naming convention like TableRange1, TableRange2 for the lists generated from the Table leading the CAS-"Reader" instantly to the Source of the Data.

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