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I have three questions:

  • In the CAS view, is it possible to force numeric output, rather than using the Numeric function? I have a function which returns large fractions, in which I'm not interested - I only want their numeric values.
  • I would like to create a recursively defined list. In the CAS view, I can use Iterate(f,x0,n), but the result is a single value, and not a list. The function IterationList does no seem to exist in the CAS view.
  • I cannot get cell referencing to work in the spreadsheet. If I have a value in A1, and put f(A1) in A2, then copying A2 down into A3, A4 etc simply copies the value already in A2. What I want is for A3 to contain f(A2), A4 to contain f(A3), but I can't seem to be able to.

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1) Try <Ctrl>Enter (or the Numeric Tool )

3) how are you copying A2 into A3? Try dragging the small blue square


Thank you very much.

I discovered that Ctrl+c, Ctrl+v, which I'd been using, didn't work - I had to use the right-mouse-button context menu instead. Why this should be I don't know, but it is! And certainly dragging the little square on the bottom right works very well.

Any advice on my question 2? In most languages I can construct a list by appending to it the result of applying an operation to the last element. Does Geogebra, or at least its CAS view, allow this?

Anyway, thanks very much again!

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