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cgimene1 shared this idea 7 years ago

I think it would be useful that GGB had the possibility of create CAS custom functions sets and then save that sets in an specific format (.ggs .ggf).

Thus, with a menu option like "load custom functions set" any user could use an specific set of functions.

So, fields like physics, chemistry, economy, etc could have the opportunity of using their specific functions, without overloading the core functions of GGB.

I used to do that with DERIVE

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Please give some examples of the functions you need


Hi MIchael

My request is not about including new functions in the core of GGB, my request is about the capbility of any user of creating their own custom functions set, then share them with the community in an specific format that allow other users to "load" those functions sets and use them.

Maybe in the commands help panel ctoould appear as a custom category.

I've creted a short exemple about Newton's laws. The idea is not to "open" the file but to "load" the functions.

Imagine lots of experts in a wide variety of knowledge creating in a fe moment hundreds of such sets.


Sorry, we won't be adding anything like that.

You can append a ; to keep the CAS cell smaller, eg

    F(m,a) = m * a;

Alternatively you can define it in the Input Bar then it won't display at all in the CAS View.

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