CAS bug?

crollinson shared this question 1 year ago

I created this applet which works OK for most functions, however it seems to break for certain functions where it can't calculate an anti-derivative.

Example: f(x) = abs(x^2-1) doesn't work BUT abs((x-1)(x+1)) does work!

I figure this is a GeoGebra problem that is independent of this applet. I don't suppose there is a work around?

Thanks, Chip

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Do you mean because it's not continuous? I'm afraid that's expected for some functions.

You could provide a drop-down with some pre-selected ones


Thanks. I can try that as a workaround.

If a function is continuous on a domain, shouldn't its antiderivative be as well?

abs(x^2-1) and abs((x-1)(x+1)) are the same function but have different have different integrals.

I imagine this might be too difficult a glitch to fix.

Thanks for you help (yet again).



shouldn't its antiderivative be as well
Would be nice but it turns out not to be practicable when you use eg abs() :(

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