Can't sign in, download, or save.

Sam DePoule shared this question 2 years ago

I started a project and didn't realise I wasn't signed in but when I try to sign in (after I enter my email and password exactly the same as they are) it goes to a blank white screen. It only says "Sign in - GeoGebra" in the top left. When I press "Download as...", choose GeoGebra file .ggb, and click save, it doesn't pop up windows explorer to choose where to save it. When I export image to my clipboard it works, and when I download it, the windows explorer pop up opens but when I save it, it doesn't appear in the file.

If I go to the Manuel, GeoGebra Forum or Report Bug, I'm already signed in, however, if I go to About / License, I'm not signed in, and when I sign in (after I enter my email and password) it goes back to the About / License page (signed out).

There is also a 4 second delay between anything I do or click in the program.

This only happens in this window though. If I open another GeoGebra Classic or on another computer, everything works, downloads, and is signed in.

Windows 10

v: 6.0620.0-offline (01 December 2021)

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Looped to the Support Team


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please try to reinstall the app and if it does not work properly contact us at with some additional info about your device (type and operating system). Screenshots or a screenrecording would be nice too and help us reproduce the problem, thank you!

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