Can't export animation - What am I doing wrong ?!?!?!?!

piotrmil shared this question 1 year ago
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So, I want to make an animation.

A simple one, with one slider.

So I made one, it works. And yet, I cannot export it as a gif. It's not in the "save as", menu, it's not in the "export image", nowhere.


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Please tell us which GeoGebra app you are using :)

Anyway, from a general point of view:

Classic 5: File->Export->Graphics View as animated GIF

Classic 6: The export menu for images is also in Download as... submenu

Or you can use ExportImage command

that is very flexible and allows you to decide the output.

Please, when creating animated gifs, keep the GeoGebra window as small as possible, to cut on file dimension and image creation time


If you post your file we can help you step by step :)

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