Can't download as PGF/TiKZ

TomasGior shared this problem 1 year ago
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Hi, I've found tutorials online for downloading geogebra graphs for PGF/TiKZ, but the option isn't there when I got to "Download as". I only see the options for: .ggb, .png, .svg, .pdf, .stl

I've tried it on the Windows desktop version and the Google Chrome version

Thanks in advance

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Dear Mr Borcherds,

Sorry for my question but on the link that you posted I didnìt find the option to export the tikz file. I tried also Geogebra classic 6 app to export or download as tkz/pgfplots file as I saw in several tutorials but ..... I regularly use Macbook pro with Big Sur and Safari.

Could you explain me what shall I do, please?

Kind regards,

P.s please, find attached a screenshot of the options that I have in <Download as>



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