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can't delete a private activity

Niek Sprakel shared this question 2 years ago


On my list of activities I have a duplicate activity entitled "cube unfolded". One has the 'Private' attribute and the other has the 'Shared with Link' attribute.

I would like to remove the private one to get rid of the unwanted duplicate, but somehow when I try to delete it, it is added again after I reload my profile.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions how to resolve this issue, Niek

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Hmmm, nevermind. I've tried to delete it again and now it seems it has been removed successfully.


Somehow the unwanted duplicate came back. :-(

I would try to remove all versions and add it again to see if that gets rid of the unwanted duplicates, but I think that means the link of the version that I have previously shared online will be broken.

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