Cannot upload to GeoGebra (Error Code 500) Creating a GeoGebra applet for WeBWorK

tsp1 shared this question 4 years ago


Can you help determine why I can't access GeoGebra for an App creation?

1.) I have created a GeoGebra graph with moving parts that I would like to embed within a WeBWorK problem.

2.) When I go to the File menu and try to Export the Activity as Webpage (html) I am brought to the dialogue box that references "Text above the construction" and "Text below the construction" and then press the Upload button I get the Following error message:

Could not access GeoGebra. abort upload. (Error code 500)

Could you please explain why and how I could correct this?

Thanks, Tim

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What version are you using?

Probably you need to do a full reinstall of GeoGebra Classic 5

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