cannot type input

Sofie Nielsen shared this problem 1 week ago

I have downloaded GeoGebra Classic 6 and I have this problem that when I change window I am not able to write input any longer (sometimes it happens in other situations also).

so: what can I do? I have tried to switch windows again and tried to click various other areas in GG, which only rarely helps

can I deactivate the keyboard on the screen? My computer (windows 10) is not touch, so I have no use for that keyboard

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Do you mean input as in where you type equations at the bottom, or an input box? You may need to select "View" -> "Input" from the menu at the top. Then, it should at the input option.



it is where I write almost everything. I think it is called the algebra window. I have tried to click twice and it helps but it is still causing problems. I'll try to record it in a video :)


video showing my clicking like crazy:

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