Cannot read property 'N' of null

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There is a bug in the latest version of `deployGgb.js` script, when you delete an applet and then you try to resize the screen. 

TypeError: Cannot read property 'N' of null
    at LNl (web3d-0.js:25876)
    at Gtk (web3d-0.js:19419)
    at (web3d-0.js:27321)
    at Cy._.Dg (web3d-0.js:27230)
    at Ty (web3d-0.js:24642)
    at My (web3d-0.js:21545)
    at Dy (web3d-0.js:9471)
    at wWc (web3d-0.js:18346)
    at eval (web3d-0.js:27230)
    at Pk (web3d-0.js:7893)
    at Sk (web3d-0.js:21253)
    at eval (web3d-0.js:13361)
    at window.onresize (VM26177 deployggb.js:5)
If you want to reproduce :

  1. Create an applet.
  2. Call `window.appletId.remove()` (in the Chrome console for example).
  3. Resize the browser screen.

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Thanks, we'll check!

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