Can't update text value in Chrome

tachyondecay shared this problem 6 years ago

I'm trying to create a text object that includes a command. I would like it to read:


where a is the name of a line.

I've got the object. When I go to the Properties Dialog, I can double-click on the a label in the box and change it to Slope[a]. This shows the correct slope in the preview.

When I click "OK" to save the changes, however, the text object reverts to what it was previously.

Even if I completely wipe out the value and replace it with static text it seems to revert.

I'm using Google Chrome Version 44.0.2403.107 m w/ Java 7 Update 71.

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Hi, I'm not sure to answer to your question because I use the last version : 5-0-136-0

Within the text window you can :

- write texts ! Here : I write : <the name> = < the definition>

- add the values of commands using : advanced > GeoGebra icon (or the button Objects), for example (empty box) and write the command inside the box. Here : the command : Slope[a]


I appreciate the reply, miir.

The Chrome version is a bit different. I couldn't figure out how to change the value of an object in the text edit box. If I click or double-click on the box surrounding the object, there is no visual cue that I can edit the value of the object. So I assumed that wasn't working and closed the edit box:


When I edited the text via the Properties dialog, double-clicking on the object gave me a small textarea I could type into:


However, when I made my changes in this box and saved them, the text box would always revert to its original value. :(

Since your post, I've tried again and discovered that even though there is no visual feedback, I actually can edit the value of an object in the text edit box. I just have to start typing. I didn't realize this! When I change a to Slope[a] this way, it works (as you can see I did in that first screenshot).

To be clear, I still think the behaviour I originally reported is a bug--because changes to the text object aren't saving if you edit through the Properties dialog. You just helped me figure out a workaround that solved my problem.

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