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awiltjer shared this question 6 years ago

Every time I try to download an offline copy of my material, I receive the following error message:

We're sorry! An error occured while you were using GeoGebraTube. Please try again later and let us know if your problem persists. One of the following things has gone wrong:

You tried to access something which has been deleted from GeoGebraTube. Try using the search field above to find the material you are looking for.

You do not have access to the page you requested, some pages are only available for moderators or administrators. Please sign in and try to access this page again.

Sorry, there is a problem with this web address. Please go to this page in your web browser and copy the address from your browser's address bar.

I am logged in when downloading and have tried it on multiple computers with multiple files. Please advise!

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It appears that this issue has been resolved as the download offline HTML feature is working today.

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