Can't access GeoGebraTube applets with older ver of Java

orchiming shared this question 7 years ago

Yesterday when I try to introduce GeoGebraTube to teachers in a seminar, I found that I could not access the applets. It is because the Java version in the computer of the venue is 6u24, not the latest one (jre_7u4 ?). I understand that after the website maintenance on 9 May, the applets are only accessible with the latest version of Java. However, this brings problems as the Java in computers of the training venues usually would not be the latest.

Is it really necessary that the applets in GeoGebraTube have to be accessed by the latest Java? If possible, I hope that the GeoGebraTube could be accessed by older version of Java, just like that before 9 May.

Thank you very much! :)


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Are you sure this is a GeoGebraTube-only problem? Java may refuse to start if it decides to force upgrading itself first, but you click "Cancel".

I'm a bit confused, because on my workstation some other Java related applets (not only GeoGebra) were also having problems, until I upgraded my Java recently. Under Ubuntu Linux, I had problems since September because Oracle has a new license policy for Java, so that the Java simply stopped working in the web browser (see It happened quite silently, so until the last week I had really no idea what is going on here.

Since the IP address of the GeoGebra server was changed on May 9, I can imagine that your workstations were not able to use the cached version of the applets any longer, but tried to download the applets again, and this triggered the upgrading mechanism of Java.

There is no technological difference between Java 6 and 7 for the GeoGebra applets. What's more, we still allow Java 5 users to use all of our JAR files, so there should not be any problems with the applets in general. Of course, there still be some configuration errors --- so please don't stop reporting any problems. We really appreciate such reports!

Thanks, Zoltan



I had a similar problem with some of my applets on Geogebra Tube around 9 and 10 May but since then I think most of them on the Geogebra Tube works now.

Only the applets on the old wiki and Upload Manager are still not working for my case....

It is good that Geogebra Tube allows for the download of the ggb file which we upload to it.

So when the applet failed to load, in front of my colleagues, I just downloaded the ggb file and opened it with the Geogebra on my laptop. Not too much delay.

Thanks for looking into our problems.




Hi Zoltan and lewws,

My situation is that as a curriculum officer, I have to conduct seminars or workshops for teachers at different venues, of which I have no control of the version of Java in the computers. Also, it seems that Java may not force the user to upgrade if its version is not that old. For example, on 10 May the Java in the computer of my office was 6u26 and I was not asked to upgrade my Java. I didn't knew that I have to upgrade to ver7 in order to access the applets in GGBTube until murkle reminded me to do so in the forum.

It seems to me that it is a GGBTube-only problem. I could access the applets which I upload to the server of my workplace (with all the corresponding jar files generated by GeoGebra) by a computer with much older Java (ver 6.16). (For unknown reasons the Java in this computer could never be upgraded successfully.) That's why I ask if the Java requirement of GGBTube could be release to that before 9 May.

But that's OK if for any reason that's not possible. To me GeoGebra and GeoGebraTube are already very good. Next time I shall have a better communication with the administrator of the training venue so that Java 7 could be installed for accessing the wonderful materials in GGBTube.

Thank you very much! :D




We've made a change on the server - is is any better now?


Dear murkle,

Now the applets in GeoGebraTube could also be accessed by a computer with even an very old version of Java! :laughing: Of course, they can also be accessed with the latest version of Java. I think everything is OK now. Thank you so much for your kind help! :P




I entered this thread after complaints of my students. At school it was not possible for them to view my uploaded ggb-files in GeoGebraTube. I think, the problem has to do with older java versions (see message at the end of this post).

Does GeoGebraTube only work with newest Java-version? Or is it another problem? Not enough rights for students?

Java Plug-in 1.6.0_12

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h: display this help message

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m: print memory usage

o: trigger logging

q: hide console

r: reload policy configuration

s: dump system and deployment properties

t: dump thread list

v: dump thread stack

x: clear classloader cache

0-5: set trace level to <n>


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Exception: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: geogebra.GeoGebraApplet

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