Can students view answers in GeoGebra Classroom?

Charlie Barnes shared this question 3 months ago

If I share an activity with someone (without using GeoGebra Classroom), they are able to check their answers to questions. Example:


However, when I create a Class using the same activity, students are not able to see that feedback:


I would like to have the option to allow students to view correct answers to questions they see in GeoGebra classroom. That is, I'd prefer to share an activity through GeoGebra Classroom so that I can monitor student progress, but I would also like them to be able to see correct answers after submitting their answer to a question. Does that option exist?

(I know that, as the teacher, I can navigate to Task Overview > Task 1 > Show Correct Answers. But that shows me the correct answers, not the students, no?)

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Hi Charlie,

thanks for your feedback. Currently, it is not possible for students to check their multiple choice or open answers within GeoGebra Classroom, as we want to give teachers the possibility to facilitate classroom discussions without students knowing the correct answer.

Of course, this depends on how you want to use the system. We appreciate your feedback and will discuss your wish internally.




I also would like this feature. During remote learning, I need to be able to give my students the option to see the correct answer/feedback while doing this lesson remotely. Please make this an option in Classroom.


I really would like to have that feature too. But, as Tanja pointed out, the possibility of discussing tasks without students knowing the correct answer is also important. So it would be great if you could implement an option to enable a "Check your answer" button in GeoGebra classrooms.


This is exactly the question I had!! Bummer! I want students to check their answer!


Welp. Ditto. I had students going through an exploratory activity and was relying on them seeing the answers! Then quietly over zoom a little blue hand was raised to tell me they couldn't see an answer button. And then my chat was flooded with kids telling me they couldn't see it either! For 2 weeks I've been assuming wrong OOPS! I guess now I know it wasn't just me. I'm actually really happy I get to go back and tell them I wasn't the idiot, it's an actual feature of the site! I would love for there to be an option.

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