Can not open the help on android app.

Salieri shared this idea 2 years ago

I fixed it.

just close your ad blocker.


(Can not open the help, and it shows 'Please check your Internet connection'.

android 9, miui10, zh_cn lang.

Both ersion5.0.551.0(3d) and 5.0.557.0(cas) have the bug.)

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Would this same procedure will work on Joox Mod APK. Because I am trying to open the help bar in this bar. I am unable to get the help bar in Joox music app. I want to solve the space problem in this app. This app is saving premium songs which I downloaded free, is saving at my mobile space. I want to save those premium songs in My SD Card space. Therefore, I want to open the help bar in this Joox Modded App. But I am unable to access that. I'll try your method. I am hoping that it will work for me too.

But, Thanks for this solution Man. Hat's off to you.

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