can not open gbb - files

geo89 shared this question 1 year ago

I'am working with geogebra classic 6 in desktop-version on a Windows 10 . My question has been asked several times before, but there is no solution in sight.

I have created a file, saved it with download as a local file. I can reopen it with no problems. All my other ggb-files that I created afterwards can not be reopened. A message "Loading" occurs and nothing happens.

I'am new to the forum. Can anybody give me a hint or check the attached files. xy1.ggb opens, xy2 does not open.

Sincere thanks for every hint.


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I'm sorry, but cannot replicate your issue.

Your files both open in GeoGebra 6 (and 5) classic - Windows 10.

Please make sure that you have the latest version installed.


Many thanks for checking my files. Yesterday I tried all night long to open the attached files. Could you please check another file. This one definitely does not load in geogebra classic. I always get the message "Loading". By the way where can I check my update status. Is there any update button available?

Many thanks for your efforts



Does it contain just one point? It opens fine.

GeoGebra 6 should update automatically.

Anyway, please try uninstalling and reinstalling GeoGebra v. 6, using the official downloads for your system.

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