Can not hide surface (CAS ggb online)

hawe shared this problem 1 year ago

there are 2 surface planes Ep and Ev (defined in CAS) - Ep has an AlgebraView instance Ev not - both planes are hidden.

activity sheet always displayed Ep - no way to hide the object - display properties and object settings were ignored.

BTW: local instance of ggb freeze if Auxiilary Object is clicked (I guess)

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I can reproduce this problem to local versions by Recompte All Objects.

Ev get an other color and an surface entry undefined (same color), was drwan in 3D View - have no access to this object - has no instance - cannot handle this object...

as it seems, the recalculation results in an ungraspable ghost object?

I took the liberty of fiddling with the xml code.

I reduced a Evaluate chain to <cascell caslabel="Ep">

and added a block (copy from Ep)

<element type="surfacecartesian3d" label="Ev">


<cascell caslabel="Ev">

and I enter Ep and Ev with Keep Input

Ep and Ev are drawn again, but now I have an Viewbutton in CAS line and can set view by hand


I've already looped your post to the Support Team :)

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