Can i create custom events in Geogebra to add Listeners In Javascript?

Aleksey shared this question 2 years ago
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Hi, team and community! First of all i'd like to say thank you for this app. It is awesome!

My problem is that I'd like to add in "On Update Scripting" some conditional statement and emit custom event, e.g.:

// geogebra with Point A pseudo code

if (X(A) = 3 AND Y(A) = 4) {

emitMyCustomEvent(A, "myCustomEventName")


// javascript

ggbApplet.registerCustomObjectListener("A", "myCustomEventName", "onSuccess");

function onSuccess() {

alert("Nice, coordinates are (3, 4')");


How can i do this? Thanks!

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Please explain overall what you are trying to do before diving into the specifics (then we can help you better and faster)

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