Building GGB in Eclipse using Gradle

twingsister shared this question 1 year ago

I'm am trying to modify the codebase to preserve the undo/redo sequence when saving the ggb.

I forked the Git at Github with Egit in Eclipse in W10 and then imported the git as a Gradle project.

The web version builds and comes up but debugging the GWT JS is not the way to go.

Building the Java version with Task :renderer-desktop:compileJava complains about missing package com.himamis.retex.renderer.share.platform.geom.

I suppose there are problems with the JDK and Eclipse and I think I can fix it with a little help from my frends...

Hope to hear from you soon.

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After some search I found that is no longer accessible but still one can find it at Internet Archive ( and instructions are a way more complex than what I thought. Probably need to follow this more carefully and then report here. Nevertheless, why this material disappeared and is not replaced. Related questions here, here and here could be of some help.


After some search I found that the URL that the LICENSE mention i.e. as the source point distribution returns a 403 error but is alive and kicking and you can download the source code using the SVN client in Git. Details for doing this and also for mirroring the SVN onto GitHub (or another Git) can be found here" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"> Consider that checking out the SVN to a local Git copy take a long time so, later on, I will add another comment about building this codebase downloaded from the SVN.

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