Building Geogebra which branch?

Foobar shared this question 2 years ago

I run into a number of problems trying to build GGB in Eclipse under Windows (see here in the comment for an account). Unfortunately cannot add details to that topic because this forum just accepts one comment from the topic creator (?) so I had to open this one. Nevertheless this is relevant too because, looking at the (scarce) building instructions at Github I found out that, even using the provided gradlew.bat (and not the Eclipse Buildship plugin) the compilation of :web:run could fail depending upon which branch you check out. Some branches (e.g. master) succeeds :web:run but fails :desktop:run reporting missing .java files that can be found in other branches. So, I will be happy to generate a pull request for editing README adding building instructions for Eclipse under Windows but can someone help me on this: which branch do you check out for a successful build either of web or desktop?

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