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Dieter Vanderfaeillie shared this problem 3 years ago
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According to dev.geogebra I should be able to build the GeoGebra desktop app from source. The instructions are a bit outdated though. I'm not experienced with Eclipse. (I have Netbeans experience though)

  • I installed the Eclipse Java IDE (4.7) (Oxygen edition) on my linux machine
  • Through the Eclipse Marketplace I've installed

    - GWT Eclipse plugin 3.3.0 (with GWT 2.8.1 SDK included)

    - Subeclipse

  • The Gradle Integration for Eclipse (4.4) 3.6.4.RELEASE does not exist (anymore). According to this link the Gradle Integration are fading out their plugin in favor of the default Cradle managment (Buildship). Through the Marketplace I have installed the Gradle IDE (Gradle IDE Pack 3.8.x+1.0.x). This seems to be the last version available, (called Gradle STS)
  • Loading the project through svn worked fine.
  • The next step (import of Gradle through the Gradle STS results in an error:


I've added the log (log_gradle_STS)

  • Trying the Buildship options results in a succesfull gradle execution, but the project has a ton of build errors:

38f1d038eb278aed2880096929e8a73bI"ve added the errors in a log (error.log)

(Building using java-8-oracle on ubuntu 16.04)

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* there are two different gradle plugins, STS and Buildship. Please try using Buildship. Also make sure you are using the latest version (1.0.20; Eclipse Neon is shipped with 1.0.18 which has a critical bug)

* to make the eclipse errors go away you need to execute the eclipse task on all projects (actually running eclipse on the top lever project geogebra should do just that). That will compile the parser from JavaCC and set the classpath.

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I'm running the Buildship Gradle version 2.1.1.

This is what happens when I run the Gradle tasks:


If any additional output is required to diagnose the issue, let me know.


Please try running the task called "eclipse"; it should generate some eclipse settings that will prevent the errors you are getting (+ it recompiles the parser).

By the way why are you interested in building GeoGebra from source?


Maybe he wants to be sure not to violate the license agreement if he uses the software to visualize somthing for his co-worker at a company. And the only way to be sure that this is ok is a written agreement or building from source without using the installer nor the online service. I'm sure there is no problem in using the Software in this way, but after reading the agreement im not so sure of that anymore ;).

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